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Dry Day

Saurabh Shukla’s 2023 dramedy “Dry Day” takes viewers on a journey through the heart of addiction, political corruption, and the unexpected paths toward redemption. It is a comedic gem released in December 2023 and is more than just a laugh riot. A desperate husband, a hilarious fight against addiction, and a town grappling with complex social issues set an interesting backdrop for the movie plot. This Hindi film touches on the sensitive topic of alcohol prohibition with wit. Join us as we explore the struggle of a middle-aged man whose journey to save his family sparks an unexpected social movement.

  • Released on December 22, 2023 on Amazon Prime Video

Dry Day Synopsis

In the Dry Town of Dry Day Hindi movie, Gannu is a middle-aged man who is struggling with alcoholism. He faces a life-changing ultimatum from his pregnant wife, Suman. She threatens him to terminate the pregnancy if he does not quit drinking. In the desperation to save his marriage and unborn child, Gannu takes on an unconventional path.

He starts a one-person protest against the sale of alcohol in town, where it’s already banned. This unexpected act of his draws the attention of the media and local authorities. Gannu is put into the spotlight and leads to a series of humorous events. As Gannu’s protest continues, he throws light on the complexities of alcohol prohibition in Indian society. 

Dry Day blends humor and social commentary to offer a unique perspective on a sensitive topic. Through Gannu’s journey, it raises questions about addiction, family dynamics, and the effectiveness of prohibition.

Watch Dry Day Online Trailer

The trailer of the movie Dry Day created a lot of buzz with humor and dramatic elements.

Movie Story

Story Of Dry Day

The movie Dry Day is set in a place where alcohol is strictly prohibited. Gannu, a middle-aged man, the main character in the lead, is an alcoholic. And his pregnant wife, Suman, issues a request to him. She wants him to quit drinking alcohol or lose his family. Now, he gets into a two-fold problem: his addiction to alcohol and a crumbling marriage.

He gets desperate to save his marriage and his soon-to-be-born child. He then embarks on a hilariously desperate mission. He becomes a self-proclaimed reformer and launches a one-person protest against the sale of alcohol in a town where it’s already banned. His unconventional approach catapults him into the spotlight. His acts attracted media attention and stirred up the local authorities, leading to a series of chaotic situations. 

As Gannu’s protest gains momentum, it sparks conversations about the effectiveness of prohibition and its consequences. Dry Day used humor as a bridge to explore a sensitive social issue. Gannu’s unexpected journey makes audiences laugh, reflect, and ponder the complexities of addiction, family ties, and the ongoing debate surrounding prohibition in Indian society.

Cast And Crew Of Dry Day

Cast And Crew Of Dry Day

The team behind Dry Day is led by Saurabh Shukla, who is both the director and co-writer of the movie. Nikkhil Advani is a renowned producer who brought his expertise to the production. Moreover, the cast in the lead is briefly described in the table below:

Actor Character Description
Jitendra Kumar Gannu Struggling husband and accidental activist.
Shriya Pilgaonkar Suman Gannu’s wife is the catalyst for his change.
Annu Kapoor Dauji Pivotal figure connected to Gannu’s journey.
Rajesh Kumar Pappu Likely involved in Gannu’s comedic encounters.
Seema Pahwa Gannu’s mother Provides support and perspective to Gannu.
Ishtiyak Khan Inspector Shukla Potential authority figure during Gannu’s protest.

Dry Day Songs

Dry Day Songs

The soundtrack of the movie Dry Day comes alive with Amit Trivedi’s compositions. He is well known for his ability to capture emotions and complement the story through his music. Here are some prominent songs associated with the film:

Dur Se Darshan

Sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and Mohsin Shaikh, it is a soulful track reflecting the complexities of Gannu and Suman’s relationship.

Halla Macha

Sung by Dev Negi and Akasa, this song is likely a more energetic and upbeat track, capturing the comedic and chaotic elements of Gannu’s protest and its impact on the town.

Image Banayenge

This song, sung by Sudhir Yaduvanshi, offers a more reflective perspective on Gannu’s journey of self-discovery and his attempt to redeem himself.


Sung by Rekha Bhardwaj and Arnab Dutta, it delves into the deeper social commentary aspect of the film.

Gannu Mahaan

A fun and playful track sung by Brijesh Shandilya and Virendra Saxena, highlighting Gannu’s unexpected rise to notoriety.

Reviews and Ratings

Despite receiving mixed reviews, Dry Day has gained attention for its distinct fusion of humor and social commentary. The success of the movie primarily depends on personal tastes and expectations. While some viewers found its humor and storyline shallow, others enjoyed its lighthearted approach to a complicated subject. 

“Dry Day” is more than just a film about alcoholism. It’s a social commentary disguised as a dramedy.


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